The freedom of a new year. New opportunities. New chances. There is something liberating about a new year. A new start. We can forget about last year and hope the next year will be better. We have a moment where we decide that we are going to be different in the new year. Make different choices. Have a better life.

Whether you love resolutions, or you’ve never made one before, here are 25 great (FREE!) new year resolutions to choose from that will make you happier and healthier and create a positive impact on others in 2018!

1. Talk to God, He really does want to hear from you.
2. Forgive those who don’t deserve forgiveness; it will set you free.
3. Be kind to the non-deserving; we never know what they’re going through.
4. Choose to stop being angry; you will live longer.
5. Choose to not make choices out of fear; you’ll love the freedom.
6. Save money, even $10 a week; it adds up fast.
7. Quit an addiction; enjoy a healthier life.
8. Wait a day to make a big decision; you’ll make a better choice.
9. Walk away from an unhealthy person; you’ll make room for healthier people.
10. Help the needy; you’ll make the world better and it will bring you joy.
11. Smile at others, every day; it’s good for you and could make someone’s day brighter.
12. Hold the door for someone; a simple act of kindness goes a long way.
13. Get an education – doesn’t have to be in college. Your local library has great books on all sorts of topics
14. Put down the cell phone; connecting face-to-face will make you happier.
15. Limit junk food; you’ll feel better.
16. Prepare for tests and presentations; be prepared and at your best.
17. Schedule time with loved ones; life is short.
18. Listen to advice of those you admire; you’ll grow wiser.
19. Take care of yourself; there’s only one of you.
20. Choose close friends wisely; they’re a gold mine in life.
21. Sacrifice for the future; it sneaks up on you.
22. Take quiet walks; give yourself time to decompress.
23. Don’t buy impulse items; your budget will thank you.
24. Show up for funerals; honor your friends, family and those going through difficult times.
25. Laugh every day; this releases stress and boosts your immune system.

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Let us know by commenting below!

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Kristen lives in Florida with her awesome husband and 3 energetic kids. She earned a graduate degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Michigan and is a psychology professor at a local university. In her free time, she hangs out with family and friends, volunteers at her church and laughs as much as possible. She has a passion for Jesus, helping others and anything chocolate. Follow her on instagram @kristen_hodges_cg