Oh, dating.  The ups and downs of trying to find the right guy.  Dating can be fun - romantic walks at dusk, dinner at your favorite restaurant and the excitement when he calls.  You also have to wade through the guys with no jobs, no goals and no future.   So, if he has a decent future, says you're pretty and you have fun together - does this mean he's the "one"?  You've met his family and they like you - is this a good sign?   How do you know if you will still be a good match in 5 years, 10 years and 50 years? 

There is never a guarantee, but there are pretty clear signs that he is "Mr. Wrong."

He doesn’t believe in God.  Whether or not you are attending church now, if you believe in God and you choose a partner who does not, then prepare for future frustrations.  Even if he "believes" in God, but doesn't plan on attending church - this is a sign that he isn't for you.  The lonely and exhausted women bringing their children to church by themselves can tell you their stories.  Religious beliefs, including church attendance, is huge.  If you disregard this, you will have frustrations in the future.

He criticizes you.  Do you seem to do everything wrong?  Do you work hard at being perfect when he’s around?  Do your friends and family comment that you seem quieter or different?  If he is criticizing much of what you do and who you are- then run.  This is not only a sign of Mr. Wrong, this is a sign of an abusive man.

He comes from a dysfunctional family.  This one is hard because it’s not his fault his family is crazy.  However, if he comes from a family with lots of problems, then he likely has lots of problems- which become your problems.  If you marry him and/or have children with him- then his crazy family will be in your life forever.  Staying with a man from a dysfunctional family is inviting a whole lot of crazy into your life forever.

He is doing drugs.  Addiction is a tough battle.  Addicts can look like sociopaths- their only goal is to get the drugs and they hurt everyone along the way.  If someone is actively or recently struggling with addiction- you are setting yourself up for pain by continuing to date them.  You can't fix an addict and his sobriety is not your responsibility.

He has bad friends.  A man is the average of the 5 people he hangs out with.  If he has friends that lie, cheat, steal, do drugs, lack goals or abuse their girlfriends, then he will too.  The friends aren't the problem- remember, he chose his friends.