Hurting people hurt people.  And we’ve all been hurt.  Sometimes it’s unintentional.  She didn’t mean to forget to invite you.  Maybe a joke really hurt your feelings.  But, other times, it’s intentional.  She knew that wasn’t the truth about you, but told your friends anyway.

Whatever the cause, emotional pain and wounded hearts really weigh us down. We feel like an emotionally chained prisoner, dragging our own heart around. We’re angry and the offender needs to know it!  But, sometimes, confrontation is not easy or even possible. Where do you start? What’s the benefit? Why not just “push it down” and hope it goes away?

 #1 FORGIVE: This doesn’t mean you have to trust her or even have her in your life.  Forgiveness means you choose to let go of resentments and thoughts of “getting her back” for what she did to you.  We forgive because Jesus gave a direct command: forgive so that we, too, may be forgiven (Matthew 6:14-15).  He wants us to forgive because our hearts soften, our attitudes change and we are no longer a prisoner in our own thoughts.  When you choose to let go of resentments, you will see and feel God’s work in you.   Let go of the anger so that peace can wash over you and joy will fill your heart.

 #2 WRITE: Write that person a letter. Get mad!  Write faster! Just don’t do anything with the letter. You can burn the letter at a later date to symbolize true forgiveness. Reread your letter in six months and see how far you’ve come and if you’ve truly experienced the gift of forgiveness. Talk about spiritual maturity!

 #3 TALK: Talk to God; talk to your BFF.  Talk through the anger, the sadness.  Is this an opportunity to learn and grow?  Did you play a part in any of this?   Sometimes spilling your guts to a confidante is therapeutic!

What are your thoughts?  Comment below and let us know.

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About the Author

Melissa Sharp

Melissa married the man of her dreams 18 years ago and he still gives her butterflies today. She’s Mom to Alexa, 17 and Brayden, 6. Melissa carried emotional pain for most of her life until she became a new Christian! Now she lives with peace, forgiveness and hope that is a direct result of God's unfailing love.