At 22, I knew everything.  I could eat anything.  Literally anything.  Sleep? Who needs that and what is it for?  Anti-aging facewash and lotion – please – spare me the talk – have you seen this beautiful face?

Oh to be 22 again. And what I wish I knew then, and did then, to make today even better.  But this isn't about regrets or living in the past.  This is about shining a light to help you have a better future.

Here Are My Top 15 Favs To Embrace:

1.) Wash your face everyday.

2.) Guys opinions of how hot you are don't matter.  Only one guy matters- you'll find him.

4.) Laugh often.

3.) Wear a hat when you can. Put some shade on that beautiful face.

5.) Drink lots of water – really.

6.) Eat fruits and veggies daily NOT monthly

7.) Work out often and have fun while doing it. Change it up.

8.) Expensive shampoo and conditioner is WORTH EVERY PENNY.

9.) Start investing NOW. Even if it is $5 a paycheck.

10.) Budgets are hard BUT save you in the future. Besides, it is good to know $300 a month is being spent on ah nothing lol.

11.) Relationships with others matter. Healthy ones.

12.) Boundaries are healthy NOT disrespectful.

13.) Take 20 minutes to do something you love EVERYDAY.

14.) Pick a career you'll love and that will give you a life you'll love.

15.) To have good friends you MUST be a good friend.

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